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NCRLAP 102: Common Questions and Reminders About the ITERS-R (2020)
This online training course provides information about basic terms and definitions of the ITERS-R as well as reminders about items and indicators NCRLAP frequently receives questions about.

Four videos of approximately ten minutes in length will be viewed. After each video, a set of three questions will need to be completed to ensure that the content was understood and can be applied.
  • This training is available online now.
  • This training is estimated to take approximately 50 minutes and is designed to be completed all at once (without stopping).
  • We recommend starting the training when you have sufficient time to complete the entire training module without interruptions.
  • Participants can earn 1 hour of contact hour credit authorized by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education. To receive the certificate for this workshop, each quiz must be passed with a score of 100%.
Event date:Always available online
Host agency:NCRLAP
Contact:Kathy Wilson
Phone:(866) 362-7527

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