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Request an Assessment

A Crawling Baby

How to Request an Assessment

Assessment requests are made by DCDEE Child Care Consultants. If you are interested in having an Environment Rating Scale assessment for your program's Star Rated License, contact your DCDEE Child Care Consultant. They will offer guidance on your assessment options and can also submit an assessment request to NCRLAP.

If you are authorized to request an assessment using this website, then please login and follow the online instructions.

Volunteer to be a Training Site!

NCRLAP frequently needs training sites to complete practice observations to train our staff or to provide training for other agencies. While these observations are not official Environment Rating Scale assessments (e.g., they are often a little shorter, teacher interviews are not completed) programs can choose to receive feedback and ask questions via a follow-up phone call after the observation is completed. Please contact us if your program would be interested in this opportunity.