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NCRLAP's training opportunities

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NCRLAP's training opportunities
  • Webinar information:

    Online webinars provide an opportunity to learn more about the assessment process.
    • Upcoming dates for free webinar sessions: click here
    • You may register online or call 1-866-362-7527
    • Prior to the webinar you should receive an email with instructions
    • To join a webinar that you are registered for: click here
  • About NCRLAP Training

    NCRLAP offers training about the assessment process and the Environment Rating Scales to child care providers, technical assistants, and consultants.

    Training is provided through:

    • Online resources: click here
    • Videos
    • Webinars
    • Written documents/worksheets
    • Local/state conferences
    • CCR&Rs and Smart Start Partnerships

    If your organization or agency is interested in sponsoring a large group workshop presented by NCRLAP, please call our toll-free number (866) 362-7527 to speak to our training coordinator.

  • Examples of Trainings

    Some of the common presentations that we provide are:

    • Updates and Questions about the ECERS-R, FCCERS-R, ITERS-R, or SACERS-U.
    • Stay and Play Outside All Day: Using natural learning materials outdoors
    • Making the Daily Schedule Work: Allowing much time for children to learn through play and activities
    • Director's Forum- Using NCRLAP resources for quality enhancement and preparation for the assessment process

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